Began shooting at 6yrs and by 10yrs I was successfully hunting squirrels.  At 13yrs joined an NRA affiliated gun club and at 15yrs became the first and only junior invited to shoot on the men's rifle team  and won the HiPower running deer competition.  During this time I earned all the NRA junior marksmanship awards to include Distinguished Rifleman.  Attended/graduated from Culver Military Academy where I won the school rifle championship and fired on the team that placed second in the Nation.  Went on to Michigan State and became Captain of the pistol team.  After graduation, I worked as a uniformed Patrolman for the Flint Police Department where I qualified with the revolver every month for 60 months and fired with the Combat Pistol Team and served as a Rifleman on the Special Weapons & Assault Team.  Moved on to the Michigan State Police as a Training Officer for the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Training Council.  My primary assignment was the development and implementation of a standardized handgun qualification course to be required for all police officers in Michigan.  During this time, I attended the NRA Police Firearms Instructor Training course at Camp Perry. 

I left Michigan for the job of Criminal Investigatior with the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement and was soon teaching combat shooting classes throughout the State.  I also had the opportunity to participate in numerous police shooting competitions and collected a goodly number of trophies to include the State's highest: The Idaho Governor's Ten.

My first 1911 45acp was a present from my wife and mother.  They split the cost of the alloy frame Commander at $50 each and that was 45yrs ago. (if only they had bought a dozen)

I had dabbled in gun repair all my life but got serious when I retired eight years ago.  I retired on Friday and on Monday started at Idaho State University in the School of Machining Technology where I learned to operate the Lathe and Mill.  I have attended gunsmithing short courses at Lassen College ( 45 Custom Build & rifle barreling) and Trinidad College (Bluprinting the Rem 700).  Have also attended Bill Lauridge's (Cylinder & Slide) class on 45acp maintenance.

 I am factory trained and certified in Duracoat and CeraKote gun finishes and am a factory authorized installer of the KDF muzzlebrake. 

I do general gunsmithing but my passion is customizing and/or building "carry" 1911's and accurate hunting rifles. 

Here, I am being mentored by Bill Laugridge of Cylinder & Slide fame.  Or," Wanted two old farts for attacking a 45 slide.  Caution: they are armed and dangerous."


Building custom 1911's at LassenWhere I learned to Blueprint Remington Actions  Lathe set-up for bolt sleeving